Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Good Stuff...

I never, ever watch Fox, but I came across this on the internets and had to share. Watch the Mayor of Lansing slap around this Faux News bloviator. There were a few good points he didn't have time to make (for instance, that $70 per hour UAW workers supposedly make is hogwash), but there's only so much you can do in 5 minutes. All in all a real ass whoopin'. Thank you Mr. Mayor. Nice.


The Intellectual Redneck said...

The UAW has failed to give serious concessions to the Big Three as part of a deal to satisfy the terms of the automotive bailout. They have only offered token reductions that will mean very little to Detroit's bottom line. According to the Associated Press the UAW agreed to limit overtime, reduce cash bonuses, forgo cost of living pay increases and limit supplemental pay for laid-off workers. Are they serious? Who in the automotive manufacturing sector is working overtime now? Auto production is down almost 40% this year. Also, they are going to reduce their cash bonuses? How do you get a cash bonus when you have helped drive your company bankrupt? Who do they think they are? Bank executives? No one I know gets supplemental pay from their former employer when they are laid-off. When a company can not afford to pay their current employees, they should not be giving money to laid-off employees. The UAW have refused to take a cut in their base wages. The retiree health care cost issue is still not resolved. The 'Big Three' want the UAW to take half of their 20 billion dollar payment as stock. The UAW only wants to delay the payment, but this issue is still not settled. The CEO's of GM and Chrysler LLC should be embarrassed to beg for another 17 billion in taxpayer dollars. There is something unjust about taking money from a worker struggling by on 20 or 30 thousand dollars a year and using it to save the job of someone with a $70,000 wage and benefit package. The UAW will declare this deal a major concession. The leaders of the 'Big Three" will stay silent because they need more bailout money. The Obama Administration will look the other way and hand over more of our tax dollars.

CaptJach said...

You sir, are an idiot! I'm 51 years old and work at a Ford plant and make $14.44 per hour and am soon to get my pay cut along with more concessions! Shut your fascist mouth you jerk! What more do you want from me?! Go to hell!

poe said...

Thank you CaptJach for responding to this rant.

I don't think Mr. Redneck realizes that the ripple effect would be devastating and far-reaching if Detroit were to fail. Manufacturing anything in this country would be a thing of the past.

Also, if we hadn't poured billions into an illegal war we would all be in better shape, including the 4,245 Americans who were killed in Iraq.

CaptJach said...

Yes, Poe. This is serious. I'm going to try to post a jpg of a collection of 3 maps I downloaded out of curiosity. It's my feeling there are long festering underlying reasons these creatures hate the labor unions and these maps show what I mean. The first map on the left is of the breakdown of the slave states vs the free states during the Civil War. The 2nd map is of the current (I love the Orwellian terminology here) "Right To Work" states vs "Forced Union" states. The 3rd map shows the "Red State" vs "Blue State" breakdown in the 2008 election. Speaks volumss to me. The south never gave up on the Civil War and they know it was the north's factories (the workers) who defeated their dinosaur, slave labor ways. The hate us for that to this day and are willing to bring down the entire country to get even. Now we've elected a "black guy" for President! This must be eating them alive! They support scab labor and the whole "me me me", "I got mine" thing instead of "We The People".

If my jpg doesn't work here I'll send it directly to you.

Peace & Solidarity Forever,

GROUCH PA said...

I am a retired Ford worker with over 40 years of service. You toil that many years, you expect to have some sort of retirement package that you can depend on only to have the contract open, and consessions made on your part with no say so at all. These were made before all this stuff happened. Then, because of all the banks fault, they ask the union for more consessions? The mear fact, not only the fat cats on wall street, along with the congressmen and senators are living high off the hog, on our taxes, makes my skin crawl.
Solidarity from,

CaptJach said...

Hello Brother Grouch. I know what you mean. I'm a musician and the time I spend in that factory is ruining my hands and doesn't exactly do wonders for my mind! I know how hard you worked and I know you deserve to get what you earned and then some!

That jerk from Kentucky is too stupid to know when he calls himself a "redneck" he's actually referring to UNION coal mining heroes who fought to unionize their mine!

My family is from UNIONTOWN,PA and they were UMW members. My grandfather was killed (murdered) in the 1962 mine explosion at the Frosty Run shaft in the Robena Mine. My dad was in a coal mine at age 10! He lived the song '16 Tons'. I know all too well why we need unions.

What does all this have to do with the "war"? EVERYTHING! We're being scammed out of everything! Bin Laden himself said he did 911 so we'd set the Middle East on fire and at the same time we'd wipe out our own economy.

No military on earth can defeat ours, so how do you beat us? Have a look at what Bush and idiots like "INTELLECTUAL REDNECK" have done to our economy. We've been nuked by our own people! They work for Bin Laden!

Solidarity Forever,