Sunday, February 15, 2009

Saturday February 14th

This veteran is standing for PEACE...
...and so is this veteran and member of Congress. Are you?
Many thanks to all you hardy and committed souls who still come out every Saturday, even in these harsh days of winter. Actually, this week wasn't too bad ~ at least not as windy as last week. It was nice to see Congressman Conyers. He's very supportive of our efforts and makes it as often as he can. Since Congress is in recess this week I wasn't terribly surprised to see him, but I always appreciate when he takes time out for us. Better yet, he held a mini town hall over coffee afterwords, where he showed us a copy of the Karl Rove subpoena. Maybe this time it will produce some results? A little Change We Can Believe In perhaps? Lets hope so...

I added our group to Iraq Moratorium, a national grassroots project to unite people like us and remind us that we are not alone. Do go check out their website - lots of good info there. Here are this week's photos, with great thanks to billyb and Nancy.

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Marygrove said...

More great pics! And, did you know that Feb 20th is World Day of Social Justice??