Sunday, September 2, 2007

Hey Congress, Can You Hear Me Now?

Maybe, just maybe, we made a real difference this week. We were honored to welcome Congressman John Conyers to our protest, and to his credit he didn't just make an appearance, he stood with us the whole time, and really listened to what people had to say. Perhaps he will take our message back to D.C.? One of my sisters had a long talk with the Congressman and stressed a most important point: WE HAVE YOUR BACK! It's imperative that we let our Reps and Senators know that it's okay to take some risks to do the right thing, and that we will support them (and reward them!) for standing up for the Constitution, for our troops, and for all of us. We desperately need real statesmen to take the reigns and set our country back on the right path, and damn the consequences. Although I do think our elected representatives might be surprised at the response of the people if they actually did take the bold steps necessary to restore this great country. Follow the evidence, wherever it leads, and take appropriate action - that's all we ask. If it's impeachment, so be it. Impeachment is the remedy provided by the Constitution. It's to be used wisely and judiciously, but it is there for a reason. Ask yourself this: if we take no action now, what are we saying to future presidents, of either party, about executive power? The possibilities are truly frightening.

And so today our voices were heard, by the powerful Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee. I know that he listened...I can only hope that he will take our message to heart as he continues his important work. He's one of the good guys, and we are lucky to have had his ear. Thank you Mr. Chairman! Take a minute to call his office and let him know that we appreciate his support and his hard work, and that we have his back!
  • D.C. Office 202-225-5126 (or see the list of toll free numbers listed on the right sidebar - scroll down)
  • Detroit Office 313-961-5670
  • Trenton Office 734-675-4084
I know you want pictures...they're coming! Bill did a fantastic job as usual, and I will be posting some of the best ones shortly.

UPDATE at 3:20 pm: Bumped. Lots of pictures now posted below.

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