Thursday, September 6, 2007

As They Say, All Politics is Local...

Well, we had some excitement last week, and our protest caused a (little) bit of a buzz on the internets because of the appearance of Congressman Conyers. (To his credit, the Congressman stood in his own district in Southgate to protest.) I sent some of the pictures to The Young Turks radio program, and they said they will be mentioning our protest on the show and posting the pics on the livestream this morning, so watch if you can at their website or listen on 1310 am from 6am-9am. If you miss it live, they loop the show all day, so you can catch it any time today. Update at 9:45 am: Didn't hear anything on the show today, maybe tomorrow? ~: (

We also got a mention from a political blogger in Rochester New York. They are working hard up there against some pretty tough odds, and they have a really impressive blog. It focuses mostly on local issues, but there's lots of general interest items, and I personally enjoy learning what other local groups are up to. I added them to the blogroll here, so check them out every once in a while. I think, in the end, that the way we will change the direction of our country is a lot of grassroots,
netroots, local activists taking matters into their own hands, as we are doing here. If there are enough of us, in enough places, eventually they won't be able to ignore us!

Here's to all of us who are trying to make a difference in our own back yards. Whether we protest, attend organized meetings, petition our neighbors, blog, or merely put a bumper sticker on our car, we are all doing something to raise awareness in our communities, and that's perhaps the most important thing we can do as individuals.

And because I can't resist, here's another picture from
A constituent gets a chance to speak to both his Congressman and State Representative, Kathleen Law, on Saturday ~ how cool is that?!

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