Saturday, July 28, 2007

Thoughts from a protestor

Today Saturday July 28 th from noon to 1:00 we stood on the corner of Fort and Oak holding signs about ending the occupation in Iraq. I have been there about 6 times since my sister (poe) began this protest. The times that I have attended I have met some wonderful people. Not everyone can make it every week but I am amazed at how many people have been there, if they all showed up on the same day we would have hundreds (my guess- post your guesses!).

The number of dead is sobering and each week we ask someone new to hold that sign. This week we had a family with three generations do the honor. Last week my sister Terree held the sign with the number and got tears in her eyes. To some the number of dead may just be a number, to some it may seem small compared to WWII. A friend of mine told me that really the number is not that bad, when you think about it. I told him it IS WORSE WHEN YOU THINK ABOUT IT! To those people I say- every number was someones son or daughter, mother or father, friend, etc... The scary part is that number does not include the physically and emotionally wounded and traumatized.

We had some nice people stop by today on their motorcycle, they had patches on their vest of two people they have lost. The gentleman had served in Iraq and was from Lincoln Park, he lost many friends. Why don't people seem to care? Is it because the number doesn't touch them personally? Is it because we don't have a draft? Because Lindsy Lohan and Paris Hilton are more "FUN" to talk about? Because it has gone on so long that we forgot about it?
(Please comment about what you think)

The response is overwhelmingly positive to our signs, it really feels good to know so many people are against this war! Sure we have a few people who flip us off and call us names. I try not to let the small number of people get to me. Today we had a well informed young man (not) who climbed out of his window, and yelled "why impeach a guy who is only in office for 4 more months?" I think he missed too many social studies classes. I sure hope someone helps him out with that!

Some people asked today about who sponsors the protest, some of the people are members of the Wyandotte Democratic Club, I am a part of The Catholic Peace Fellowship (you may want to sign the petition at the following web site to show your support for ending this war: Some people read about it in the News Herald or from friends and family. You DO NOT have to be a part of any group to join us! You just have to care about ending the war! We support the troops and want them home!

Bring a sign, use one of ours, or bring your flag (like one of our Marine Vets who is there every week), or just come and stand with us for one hour. It may not seem like much but the people that see us think about what is being done in our name, they talk about it to their car mates, and maybe they stop by on a Saturday afternooon and stand with us for just an hour. We will continue to be there rain or shine until our troops come home! Hope to see you there some time!

I look forward to your feedback- comment, share what you think!

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poe said...

Hey sis, you did it!

I think you're right, we have sparked a lot of conversations that never would have happened. Right now it's what I can do to bring this debacle to an end. I wish I could do more, I wish more lives wouldn't be lost by this time next week. I hate updating the number of fatalities every week.

I'm happy that we continue to have a good turnout, and that there are new people every week - but we need more. In the end, it will be the people who put a stop to this. If you're reading this, please come and stand with us.