Sunday, July 29, 2007

More Thoughts...

I'm always surprised that people are still coming because they read the article in the News Herald, since it was published weeks ago. I'm amazed that people come from miles away to stand with us. (Hi Mike and Carmen!) I'm humbled that people stop by to show their support and tell us their stories.

More than once we've had members of the military who have served in Iraq - and one Marine wife - come by to encourage us to keep protesting. One young man said that he will be going back to Iraq soon. What can you say to him? I'm sorry? I'm sorry that the trust you placed in your leadership, which should never, ever put you into harms way lightly, has failed you? I'm sorry that the media didn't ask the questions they should have before we sent you to war?

In the end I can really only apologize for my own actions, and the fact is, I wasn't in the streets back then. I should have been, and I wasn't. I knew it was wrong. I watched the news makers breathlessly prepare us for "shock and awe," and I knew we were making a huge mistake. I stayed largely mute. For that, I am sorry. It would have been a lot harder to speak out then, because people were largely convinced, thanks to a complicit media, that what we were doing was just. By not doing anything at the time, I was part of the problem. I hope now to be a part of the solution - join me?

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