Friday, August 8, 2008

John McCain and the Respectful Campaign...

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Anonymous said...

4,146... we blow through that every single day in America.

I have close friends in Iraq right now, each and every casualty, on either side, is upsetting.

While, each of those 4,146+ men and women were priceless... they each joined to fight for our country knowing that going to war could be possible. (And they are heros and I honor them for their service and self-less sacrifice.)

I do not like war. Yet, I still can not vote for Obama.

The only reason? His support of abortion. Incase you don't understand why I am a single issue voter, I'd like to share my experience with you... I haven't always been this way.

Abortion has affected me, my family, my friends, my entire generation.

My daugher could've been aborted.

No one could've protected her from me. No one.

I was not an enemy from another country, but her own mother.

The most sacred bond on earth is between a mother and her child. I almost shattered that.

I have friends who have never been the same after their abortions. They still cry 5, 10, even 15 years afterwards. They did not find liberation, but regret, guilt, rage, despair, self-hatred, and a lack of trust and respect for men. (After all, in each case, it was the man who wanted and pushed for the abortion.)

It is horrible to lose a child (young or grown) in an accident, but the pain becomes ten fold when it's your own fault... My heart breaks for them!

We were not designed to turn on our own offspring. We are lovers, nurturers, and protectors of the weak and vulnerable.

I am not saying this to be disrespectful in anyway, but to me... those American soliders died in vain. For nothing.

How can we be promoting peace around the world, while we allow our fathers and mothers to destroy their own children? Do you know how hyprocritical we look? How dare we condemn enemies for not being peaceful, while we turn on our own kids... And not for life and death situations either. (Less than 5% of abortions are done for medical reasons.)

Abortion has wiped out 1/3 of my generation. It's like having a 9-11 every day. Which officially makes the womb the most dangerous place to live.

Over 55 million people gone in 35 years. You couldn't even touch that number by adding up all the US causalities of every war, through out history.

And our country is just about to start seeing the devistating impact of our loss. One example: A brilliant plan to help fix the social security crisis would be to have 55 million more people paying in. The baby boomers, don't have enough of us to care for them.

As they age, they will become the new "burdens". After all, their diapers will be that much bigger, their medical bills could cost more than a 4yr college education... (And where will all this money come from?)

Most easily put: Their lives will be endangered as they become "unwanted" by society; and even sometimes, by their families. (This is the next battle ahead)

(It's already happening. My grandfather was just "put down" by Oakwood hospital last May. Despite our best efforts to stop them. I had an aunt who didn't think his life was worth living, although he thought it was.)

It all boils down to the strong protecting and loving the weak, the vulnerable, the least among us.

As for my daughter, at 7 weeks gestation, she couldn't hide, run away, or defend herself. Not even one of those big, strong, courageous Marines could've legally protected her. He would've been thrown in jail. (and tried under the military courts...)

My daughter is going to be 8yrs next week. She has touched so many people... I can not bring to words how much of a gift she has been to my family, friends, and myself. She has changed my life. Her heart is so beautiful! She is so forgiving and loving...

Like a man for his country, I'm ready to die for her, if that's what it takes to protect her. And not too long ago, I was almost willing to have her die for me because I was afraid, and wanted to "hide" my mistake. I am so insulted that such a violent option was considered a "right" and was available to us, my daughter and I... we both would've been affected.

Obama is not my daughter's hero, nor is any other abortion supporter. He doesn't represent me, or my friends who have been exploited by abortion. (and there are hundreds of thousands of women just like them. I meet more and more every year.)

Every life is precious. Every person is priceless, including those who have died serving our country. But I have to go with the lessor of two evils, and help end the most bloodshed and violence... while protecting both mother and child.

Dr. Alveda King, Martin Luther King's niece, stands with us and claims her Uncle (MLK) would've called this the new civil rights movement. (Obama used his "Dream" to promote his agenda)

Each pro-life voter has their own story. We all have been affected. Many much worse than I.