Monday, March 17, 2008

In Memoriam...

3/17/08 Bumped for Visibility poe

5 YEARS TOO MANY ~ JOIN US FOR A CANDLELIGHT VIGIL Wednesday March 19, 2008 at 7pm
Every day that U.S. troops remain in Iraq, precious lives are being lost needlessly - join us to honor and mourn all the lives which have been lost and destroyed, and to stand for an end to U.S. military operations in Iraq

Meet on Fort Street at the Wyandotte / Southgate border between Northline and Eureka Roads (near 14490 Fort Street on the Southgate side - look for the Sunbeam Donut sign)
This event is listed here, here and here as part of a national effort.
Please sign up to attend.
Candles provided courtesy of the generous donations of our many supporters, and with our most sincere thanks - this event is coordinated in partnership with the Romulus Democratic Club, the Wyandotte Democratic Club, the Downriver Young Dems, and the members of the Wyandotte Weekly Protest


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Hi Pam, I was not able to make it to yesterdays protest but I had to get to My daughters house in Eastern Ohio. I will try to make it this coming saturday, I will see if Liz wants to join Me again. I am so pleased to meet people with like minded thoughts. I do not Know how anybody could support this fiasco in Iraq or any war for that matter. Thank You and Your group for all You do and I know from being there at the 5 year protest night, with the beeps We got More people agree with us than disagree so We are making a difference. If I can be of any assistance getting ready for a protest feel free to call Me at 734-775-8699. I split my time between My daughters in Taylor and My music studio out in Brighton and once I get my portible station set up I plan on supplying Music to You true Americans.
Doug Goddard