Wednesday, January 23, 2008

An Open Invitation...

This is for those of you who have thought about joining us on a Saturday, but for whatever reason haven't gotten around to it yet. Perhaps you're a little nervous, or hesitant because you don't know what to expect. I'm not surprised. When the protest was in the planning stages, those of us tossing ideas around weren't sure what we were getting into either. We knew we had to do something, that we wanted to commit ourselves to an ongoing effort to bring the occupation of Iraq to an end, but we didn't know at the time what that would look like or how it would actually work. We did it anyway.

One could argue that we haven't accomplished our goal, because our troops are, after all, still in Iraq. But we have gotten the attention of a couple members of Congress, one the powerful chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, the other a presidential candidate. More important to me, though, is the effect that I know we have had on the people in our community. Lots of conversations have surely been started in the cars driving by our group, and I have to believe that for every person who stops or honks or flashes a peace sign back at us, there are dozens who don't do those things but who agree with us. At the very least, we are urging people to
think. The more people we have, the bigger the impact. We need you. Give it a try. We promise to be nice, and if you decide it's not your thing, we'll understand. And if you've protested with us in the past
but haven't been back for a while, we would love to see you again, whenever you can make it. As the saying goes, come on down!


Lessy Jeaner said...

Thank you for the invite. I wont be able to make it this saturday but i will definately be there next saturday. See you there. I love you!!!

pinkyink said...

I haven't been able to come to many protests because I had a baby in November and I really miss them! Watching this war go on and on with no end in sight, even from the democrats is so discouraging! Standing up for what we believe in, even for just an hour a week is good for my soul. I'll be back soon and my daughter will stand (sort of) with me! She has the perfect outfit- "Give Peas a Chance"! I am proud of all of the people who brave the weather- keep up the good work!