Wednesday, December 19, 2007

What's Going On Over In The House, and How You Can Help...

Congressman and member of the House Judiciary Committee Robert Wexler isn't content to let the cheney impeachment issue languish in Committee. Click below to hear his message, then sign the petition. Pass this on so we can get tons of signatures and let Congressman Conyers know the next time he comes to protest with us that we are solidly behind the rule of law and that getting to the truth is not a waste of time. Impeachment is the remedy provided by the Constitution, and we ask for a fair hearing of the evidence*, irregardless of where it leads. We've just seen how one member of Congress, with the people standing behind him, can make a huge difference. Let's help Wexler push this on our behalf!
*Note: Many thanks to Congressman Dennis Kucinich for this compilation. My heart is with him today at the sad and sudden loss of his younger brother. May he rest in peace.

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