Monday, December 17, 2007


Update at 7:40 pm: Well, we won this round, for the moment anyway. Harry Reid announced that they will table the FISA debate for now, and bring it up again after the holiday recess. That's a good thing. There's no need to ram this thing through right before vacation like they did in August. Make no mistake, the pressure we put on the senators made a big difference on how this played out. I tried to call Reid's office to say thanks and his mailbox was full. Oh yeah, he got the message all right ~ good job everyone! When this comes up again we will of course be paying close attention, but for the moment, pat yourself on the back and pencil one in the win column.
Thank you Senator Dodd!

Senate Switchboard ~
1 800 828 0498 ~ CALL NOW!

See the post below for more details. Pictures from Saturday's protest are below that have been bumped to the top of the page. Thank you for giving a damn!

And now, back to your regularly scheduled outrage. Carry on.


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