Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Let's Impeach the President for Lying...

There are good arguments on either side of the impeachment issue, and it's worth debating, whichever side you come down on. The most compelling reason for my own support of impeachment hearings (and I'm not naive enough to think the criminals will actually be forced out of office - I just want investigations to expose their crimes) is to send a strong message to future presidents. Imagine a Giuliani administration picking up where BushCo leaves off. Or any president, of either party, for that matter. The executive will always push the limits of its own power - it is ever thus - and it's incumbent upon the two other branches, as well as ordinary citizens, to ensure that the checks on those tendencies are firmly in place. Impeachment hearings may be the only thing that can stop us from further reckless military action, this time directed at Iran, and that alone is reason to give it careful consideration. Over the past seven years we have witnessed the most egregious abuse of power perhaps in our history. To let that rest, to simply move on, would be a dereliction of duty on our part, and an invitation to all future presidents for even further subversion of the Constitution and the core principles this country was founded on. Inaction at this crucial time might well lead to another disastrous war, and validate the dangerous precedent of the untouchable unitary executive. If we do nothing we are complicit too. If for no other purpose than to ensure that the history books accurately chronicle these troubled times, we must demand the truth.

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