Friday, September 7, 2007

Our September Surge: Saturday the 8th

We were told to be patient until "Magical September" to allow time for the "splurge" to work. There's a lot of spin out there, and a lot more is coming our way. The fact is, violence is up in Iraq, the "unity" government is no closer to a political solution than they ever were, and ethnic cleansing is just the latest disaster in Iraq. There is no military solution.

In an effort to send a very clear message to Congress as they take up the issue of Iraq once again, and the Petreaus White House report is foisted upon us, we are designating this Saturday, September 8, as our surge. This is the week to call and email everyone you know and get them out to the protest. I know of so many people who really want to come and haven't been able to make it. Lots of folks came in the beginning and haven't been able to make it back for a while. We understand. People are working, have other commitments, are out of town, whatever. This protest has always been about come when you can, we'll be there, same day, same time, same place. No pressure if you can't make it. Somehow it's always worked out that we have a good crowd, with new people joining us all the time. That's how I intended it to work and that's how it shall remain.

Except for this week. I'm asking that we turn out as many people as we can, our own "September Surge." We have got to stand up and say NO MORE FUNDING, NO NEW "PLAN." WE ARE OUT OF PATIENCE AND WE WANT OUR LEADERS TO LEAD AND BRING THE TROOPS HOME NOW. FIND A WAY, THAT'S WHAT WE HIRED YOU FOR.

Please come Saturday and bring an army of protesters, or at least a new person or two. Wear
orange if you can, for visibility and as a show of solidarity. If you can't wear orange, come anyway. I'll give you an orange ribbon. Just be there. One of the reasons I think our protests have been so successful is because it's been, by design, low pressure. Come when you can, no questions asked, no RSVP, and everyone is always welcomed with open arms. This week is the exception...I'm nagging. (In a nice way, I hope!) I just think it's so important that we have a huge presence at this moment time, when Iraq is back on the agenda in D.C. We cannot let the Democrats capitulate or compromise this time. I plan to forward pictures to our Senators and Congressman, to let them know that we expect, that we demand, results, so feel free to bring a sign saying exactly what you want them to hear from you. Of course we will still have our usual signs available for everyone, but if you have a special message, bring it. Now is the time to stand up.

Please forward this far and wide, and make some phone calls. I hope I've convinced you to help make this the biggest protest yet, and I truly appreciate all your efforts. I'm honored to know, and to stand with, such a dedicated, committed group of citizens. Thank you, thank you, thank you. See you Saturday...I'll be the one wearing orange! ~: )



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