Sunday, August 26, 2007

Why We Protest...

I suppose we all have varied and personal reasons that bring us into the streets on a rainy Saturday afternoon. Perhaps it's our children or grandchildren, and our desire to leave their world a better place. Maybe we resent being lied to by our own government. Or we want to go on record to say that I will not be silent when my country invades a sovereign nation, destroys its country, and kills hundreds of thousands of its citizens, as well as thousands of our own.

I protest for all those reasons, and more. This week I was particularly moved by the Mother of a young man serving in Iraq who stopped to tell a group of our protesters "thank you, and please keep doing this." She may or may not have been the same lady who dropped off a box of donuts for us last week with a similar message. As a Mom my heart aches for all the parents who have children serving under such reckless (mis)leadership, in an untenable situation.

This week we had a Mom and Dad come to stand with us. Their presence brought me a whole new perspective on the war in Iraq, one that is hard for me to even imagine. I want to thank them for being there. Since I've met them, and as I reflect on the reasons I am motivated to be out in the street, I realize that sometimes the simplest message is the most powerful.

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