Monday, August 13, 2007

We Are Not Alone...

Here's a video of protesters all around the country, and we're in it! When you feel frustrated that we're not affecting change nearly fast enough, it helps to know that there are people everywhere standing with us. On the internet and in the town square, we are building a movement. We will persist until we prevail!

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pinkyink said...

Wow that is great- one of our protest pics are included in this video! Way to go!

I also noticed on DFA (Democracy for America) that Ann Arbor has "enough" protest events now. If you are closer to Ann Arbor check it out. There is a link on our blog on the right hand side under the black ribbon in the section: ACTION LINKS / ORGANIZATIONAL TOOLS / RESOURCES YOU CAN USE, you'll see a link for DFA. You can put in your zip code to look for events. Check it out- they meet on Sunday, so you can come to both!