Tuesday, August 7, 2007

One Thing is Clear, You Guys Don't Need Me!

So my family goes out of town for the Big Bloggers' Convention in Chicago and we had to miss the protest for the very first time. I didn't want to miss, but it was for a good cause. I figured you all would hold down the fort just fine, no worries. So what do I come home to find?
The biggest, bestest protest ever!
More new people, lots of cool new signs, groups of protesters spread all over the damn place! Thankfully Bill took a ton of great pics so I have a pretty good idea what went on, and I really was there in spirit with all of you.

I'll post some pictures from this week, but it will be hard to choose - there were so many good ones! Thank you all for carrying the ball while I was away, but in all honesty, this movement we are building is much bigger than me, much bigger than any of us. Thanks everyone!
(Pictures below)


BillyB said...

"The biggest,and bestest ever", is yet to come. When this madness is ended and every mothers child is home, safe and alive.
You planted a seed,and with care and nurture we can make it grow until it is too big to ignore.

poe said...

I so look forward to the day that we no longer have a reason to protest. I hope it comes sooner rather than later, but it's not looking so good right now. Until then we'll be out there, trying to make a difference.

Thanks for all you do.



John C. Harris - for Congresswoman Carolyn Cheeks-Kilpatrick said...

Pam - just want to pass along the thoughts and encouragement of Congresswoman Carolyn Cheeks-Kipatrick for your efforts. The group that has assembled every week - called to action by your desire and initiative to show our disgust about this war - was beautiful to see this past Saturday (my first chance to make the protest) and I was proud to stand with them - missed you as you were off blogging in Chicago but your sister was there as were many of your friends - so your work continued even in your absence.

terree22 said...

Looks like Downriver was jamming when you were rocking the windy city Poe. You sound so cool - bloggin' in Chicago.

I tried to post a comment earlier, but it disappeared. I am a very bad blogger...but i'll try again. Sorry if I end up with two similar comments; I'm new at this.

I love the sign "Inherent Contempt
Google It!" I did and found an interesting Countdown piece by Keith.

I was looking at the pictures and thinking of all the people who drive by the protest that have their sons and daughters serving overseas. How they must feel when they look at the number, knowing all to well the next weekend when they drive by the number will increase and that one single digit could represent their own personal sacrifice.

Billy B nailed it; we need to get every mother's child home safe and end this unjust war. If there is no military solution what are we doing there?

Lizzy said...

Joining the protest was a powerful antidote to despair for me - it helped me remember that there are lots of good - and politically aware - people trying to take this country back from the oligarchs and warmongers. (And if the growth of the protest is any indication, more all the time...) You guys are GREAT! Linnea - aka Lizzy!

poe said...

Hi Linnea aka Lizzy! We were trying to figure out who you were...you guys absolutely rocked this past week - I'm so proud of all of you! It really is good for the soul to realize there are so many like-minded people. For a long time I felt so alone with my rage. Thank you for coming and I'll see you Saturday.

Terree, you're a good blogger and a better sister! I just hope our protest will push the issue with Congress - unfortunately their actions lately aren't very encouraging. Maybe Congresswoman Kilpatrick will be able to make it while Congress is on recess...I was so happy that John Harris was there this week. Can you talk to the boss, John?

Janise, Bill, and Nancy - I just love you guys! Many thanks...poe aka Pam

pinkyink said...

We need you and we need MORE PEOPLE TO JOIN US! It has been so great to see the people joining us over the last few months! Last Saturday we had many new people who had driven past and are now standing with us! If you are thinking of coming- JUST DO IT! Don't wait til you have a friend who will come with you, you will instantly have 50 friends!

poe said...

Couldn't have said better! Please join us, everyone.