Thursday, August 16, 2007

Dick Cheney, circa 1994

This video clip says it all. So remind me again, Mr. Cheney, why invading Iraq was such a great idea...
Pass it on. Far and wide.


Megling said...

Howdy! I had come across this website from Googling, but I didn't make the connection. You go, girl! You are kicking 's booty! Here are pictures from our protests
(You can even see the guy who is having DFALink problems & a link to his blog) I don't know if I've been emailing Poe or Pinkyink- but if you could email me directly, that would be AWESOME (you know how to say it, right?) megling(at)

poe said...

Hi Meg ~

Of courrrse! So glad you stopped by. We're not kicking your butts, we just got started guys are doing great! I'll check out your pics and email you so we can keep in touch.

Pinkyink is one of my two sisters...I'm Pam/poe. ~: )