Saturday, June 30, 2007

Saturday June 30, 2007

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Well, we just finished our second protest for the week. It was interesting to me that doing it on a different day and time (yesterday, Friday evening), and at a different location (today), that we attracted a whole new crowd of participants. We were joined by several passersby who asked if they could grab a sign and stand with us, and they stayed the whole time. One gentleman found us because he had read the article in the News Herald. Lots of young people today, which was especially gratifying, and State Representative Kathleen Law was there as well.

And so we grow...


SharonRB said...

Great job, poe! If only this were closer to me, I'd join you sometimes.

poe said...

Thanks for stopping by sharonrb. I wish you could come too, but somebody has to take care of the other side of town! Honestly, I had no idea I could actually start a blog, but it was much easier than I thought, and if it helps to get the message out it's worth a try. If nothing else it's a place to keep some pictures.

Thanks again ~ pop in any time! ~: )


Mike said...

You know, actually, for pictures, can't be beat. I think it'll even make posting them to this blog fairly simple too, but I've never tried it, I don't think.

I mean, this works for a few, but if you suddenly find yourself with dozens or hundreds of pictures, it's something to consider.